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This questionnaire will serve as a starting point for successful collaboration. I know that filling out forms are not for everyone, but for your project to be successful I need some background information about you and your vision.

I strongly believe that our success on providing a creative solution is hinged on the information I receive from you. Please take your time and double check your answers. Once you have finished entering your information, simply press the ‘submit form’ button at the bottom of the page and we will notified right away.

If there is a question that doesn’t make sense or doesn’t apply to your project, feel free to leave it blank. Thanks!

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Please write the exact name as you would like to appear in your logo. Please be specific.
What is your tagline or slogan? Do you want it included in the logo?
What five to seven words best describe your company or organization, services or products?
What attributes or strengths of your business would you like your logo to reflect?
Who are your main competitors? Please list their websites if possible.
Please describe your typical client in terms of age, gender and location. Be specific.
In what way do you differ from your competition?

Design Specifics

Do you have any images or icons that you wish to or do not wish to in your logo?
What colors should be included in your logo?
What colors should be avoided in your logo?
What feeling or message do you want your logo to convey to clients?
Do you have a preference for the style of typeface? (e.g. clean, modern, sans, script, hand drawn, etc)
Please provide any further information that may help with this project.

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