8 Important Things You Need To Consider When Creating A Logo

1. Show Your Inner Self

Every business has many differences: What they offer, customer base, and why they do what they do. Their reason for being needs to be communicated in their logo. And this is where a great logo designer pays for him or herself – they will understand you and your company, and brings those qualities out. Great logo designers help make people see the great personalities in companies.

2. Who Are You Talking To?

Businesses needs to understand who their ideal client is and communicate to them. It makes no sense designing anything without knowing who it’s for and making it for them.

3. Strong Design is Captivating

Make a statement to them with a strong and appealing visual mark. People are geared to remember things through their busy day that stand out and resonate with them. Create a logo that does just that and gets into the mind of your core audience.

4. Think Different and be Unique

Try and be different from your competition. See what’s being done in your industry and do something else.

5. Less is more

Don’t over complicate or over think your logo. You know what they say, less is more and that’s 100 percent true when it comes to your logo. Start and tear out all the elements that confuse and clutter. Make sure the logo is supported by the product, but let the simplicity of the logo speak for itself.

6. Think Adaptable

A company will want to put logos on everything, so your logo needs to be able to be adaptable for a lot of situations. Your logo should be as identifiable in 1 color printed on a t-shirt or as it is in its full-color on a box or pen. Adaptability is King.

7. Big or Small – Your Logo Says it All

Adaptability doesn’t only refer to your logo’s color application, but also to the size. Think in terms of your logo being shown at 16 pixels by 16 pixels, which is the size of a browser icon, also known as, a favicon, and also being shown on the side of buildings. A simple logo can grow from very small to extra large and still remain fully identifiable.

8. Make it Timeless

Everything is changing yet we cling to the standards of what we know. It’s important for a great logo to capture the here and now, while not alienating your business by being stuck with something that quickly becomes dated.

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