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Four reasons to have a mobile friendly website

Four reasons to have a mobile friendly website   1.  People everywhere use mobile devices.   When you are on your break at work, what do you use to surf the web?  Your phone.  If you are waiting in line you use your mobile device.  Having a mobile friendly website will make it easier for users to navigate.   2.  It’s becoming a standard practice. More and more people use a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet for their daily use.  Having a mobile friendly website will make it easier...

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Five reasons to hire a SEO expert

Top FIVE reasons to hire a SEO expert.    Save time:  You are running a business.  That takes up most of your time.  Hiring someone to handle the SEO aspects frees you up to spend more time with your customers.    Keep up with the times:  SEO is ever-changing.  Keeping up with updates on SEO and updates on your own business can be tiring.  Experts will take some of that stress from you.  SEO experts know how to select the right keywords:  Broad terms are often too competitive.  An expert can focus...

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Five reasons to hire a professional Web Deisgner

  Why hire a professional web designer?  If you are running a business or building a brand, you want your website to stand out.   1.  Preserve Time: Hiring a professional will save you time and frustration.  Professional teams have the necessary skills to make your dream come alive.  A professional will know the in’s of marketing, communications, photo optimization, and more. 2.  Coming ahead of the competition: Some companies don’t hire a professional, or they already have a web presence before you.  If you launch a more effective website by a...

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8 Important Things You Need To Consider When Creating A Logo

1. Show Your Inner Self Every business has many differences: What they offer, customer base, and why they do what they do. Their reason for being needs to be communicated in their logo. And this is where a great logo designer pays for him or herself – they will understand you and your company, and brings those qualities out. Great logo designers help make people see the great personalities in companies. 2. Who Are You Talking To? Businesses needs to understand who their ideal client is and communicate to them. It makes...

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The Hub Launches Charles Oakley’s New Website

We’ve finally launched the website for Charles Oakley. If you’re a Charles Oakley fan, then this sites for you. Here, you’ll be able to follow Charles, on his journey through the kitchen. You’ll also find highlights of his NBA career. The website also includes a recipe database, that’s full of Oak’s signature dishes, so be sure to check back frequently.

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Think TWICE before deleting codes in Magento

So, what’s the best thing about Magento? Over time, you start realizing the mistakes you commit and also realize how hard you make things on yourself! It is more like learning how to ride your bike. Unless you hit the tree a few times you won’t realize the significance of hitting the brakes when riding your bike! The point is however simple , it is always better to hold the hands of the expert. Imagine a situation – you are not happy with certain parts of your Magento site and you want...

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