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Why hire a Graphic Designer

4 TOP reasons to hire a professional Graphic Designer. “The Devil is in the Details.” I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase a time or two. It’s true when it comes to graphic design. Your graphic designer will work hard to make sure that your customers don’t have to work to learn the message of your business. Being Consistent Your brand is your voice. Your graphic designer will make sure that it’s all synced. You will want your brand to carry professionally over different platforms, (websites, business cards, brochures, social media, etc). Look...

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The Hub Launches Charles Oakley’s New Website

We’ve finally launched the website for Charles Oakley. If you’re a Charles Oakley fan, then this sites for you. Here, you’ll be able to follow Charles, on his journey through the kitchen. You’ll also find highlights of his NBA career. The website also includes a recipe database, that’s full of Oak’s signature dishes, so be sure to check back frequently.

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Think TWICE before deleting codes in Magento

So, what’s the best thing about Magento? Over time, you start realizing the mistakes you commit and also realize how hard you make things on yourself! It is more like learning how to ride your bike. Unless you hit the tree a few times you won’t realize the significance of hitting the brakes when riding your bike! The point is however simple , it is always better to hold the hands of the expert. Imagine a situation – you are not happy with certain parts of your Magento site and you want...

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