“A True Diamond In The Rough”

Our company, Birks Group, was looking for a Magento specialist to hold a corporate training. We were in the final stages of completing our new corporate ecommerce website and we needed someone who know all the ins and outs of the platform.

After searching the internet, we found The Web Design Hub, LLC. We scheduled a meeting with James Seals. He was extremely knowledgeable on Magento and we hired him to do a 3 day corporate training with our US headquarters located in South Florida.

Out team was so impressed with his training, his knowledge on Magento, and his ability to teach it in a way, that someone with very little knowledge on Magento would be able to understand it.

Our intention was only a 3 day session, but after so many positive reviews, we retained him again to do a virtual training for our headquarters in Montreal, Quebec. We also retained him as a consultant for future modifications and on-going maintenance of our website.

If you’re looking for a company that has a vast knowledge on Magento and web development as a whole, you can’t go wrong with James Seals and the team at The Web Design Hub, LLC. They are truly a diamond in the rough.