Michelle Schlorb

October 29, 2020

Google Chrome is the lead ranking browser for the past four years.

So naturally, they need to update often to stay ahead and on top of the curve. On October 6th Chrome 86 was released with some a lot of improvements.
Now, Chrome 87 is in the beta stages with some even more improvements on the horizon. Here are a few of the things you can look forward to.

Cookie Store Integration. This is more for the website developers than it is for the end-users, but still an important change.

PDF Viewer is being revamped. PDF Viewer will be adding some interface changes. A toolbar will feature previous functions such as zooming in and out on the document. Also, a two page view.

Tab throttling will allow background tabs to use a maximum of one percent CPU time. Allowing them to “wake-up” only once each minute.

70% of the world’s browser users use Google Chrome.

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