How To Successfully Promote Your CBD Products With Google AdWords

Advertising your CBD brand and products can be extremely tough. The 2 major advertising platforms, Google and Facebook, have the selling and promotion of CBD products on their platform list of unapproved pharmaceuticals and supplements. Just setting up your typical Google AdWords campaigns may work for 1-2 weeks, but after that, they’ll be taken down by Google.

I’ve setup numerous campaigns for CBD brands and products, here’s how i’ve been successful in getting them approved.

Can You Advertise You CBD Brand and Products On Google AdWords?

Yes, you can promote your CBD brand and products on Google Adwords, but you must do so without violating ANY of Google’s Ad Policies.

The first thing you’re probably thinking is “Why don’t I just setup a standard Google AdWords Campaign?”. You can do that for sure, but your ad’s will more than likely be taken down by Google within 1-2 weeks. The penalty for violating Google’s Ad Policies will be taking down your ads and could lead to the permanent suspension of your Google AdWords account, so tread lightly if this is the approach you want to go. We, however, discourage this method.

How To Setup Your Google AdWords Campaign

Below we’ve laid out the proper steps to setup your Google AdWords campaign for your CBD brand and CBD products. These are the steps that we’ve used to successfully promote the CBD products and CBD brands for a few of our clients.

  1. Create a new Google AdWords Account specifically for your CBD product. (Just in case the account gets shutdown, you’ll still have your main Google AdWords account.
  2. Set your Google AdWords budget. (Make sure to have a decent daily spend budget)
  3. Set your target location.
  4. Select your campaign type: “Paid Search Ads” (Very important)
  5. Choose your keyword targets and match types: Focus on “CBD” and “hemp” keywords. (CBD and Hemp are the biggest keywords for this industry. You can pair these with other words to make long tail keywords)
  6. Set your bid (max. cost-per-click) for each keyword. (Very important. The last thing you want to do is spend your monthly budget in 1 day)
  7. Write your ad and be creative (DO NOT directly promote the sale of your products. Use your words wisely to hint at the offer you’re wanting to push, but don not add any buy now buttons or a shopping cart)
  8. Create a landing page for the ad you just created. Make sure you’re not selling any product, but it should be more of an informational landing page. You can use product pictures, but let your text content shine.

If your needing help setting up your campaign, you can schedule a consultation call with us, by clicking here.

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