How To Create An Alias Or Forwarder E-Mail Address

An alias or forwarder e-mail address gives you the ability to create an e-mail address that people can send to and the e-mails sent to that box will be forwarded to your main e-mail address. Below, we’ll walk you through on how to create them.

  • Log into cPanel
  • Scroll down to the Email section.
  • Click on forwarders
  • Under create an email account forwarder, click on Add Forwarder
  • In the address to forward section, type in the e-mail you address you want to create. For example, if you want, you would put info. You don’t have to enter the here. You’ll be able to select the domain you in the second section.
  • Under the destination section, type in the full email address you want the alias or forwarder emails to go to.

That’s it! It’s pretty simple and straight forward. If you’re still having issues creating an alias or forwarder email address, you can either open up a support ticket or chat with one of our support techs through our live chat.

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