How To Share A File Or Folder

Our cloud storage allows you to share files and folders with people even if they don’t have an account. If you’ve had an issue with sharing files or folders, check out the instructions below.

  • Log into The Hub Cloud
  • Click the share icon
  • Option 1: Enter either username/name (if they have an account) or their e-mail address.
  • Option 2: Click Share Link and copy the link. You can then send that link in an e-mail and they’ll be able to download the shared file or folder.
  • Password Protect (Optional): You can password protect the file or folder. This can only be used if you use the share link (Option 2).
  • Expiration Date (Optional): You can set an expiration date on the link. This can only be used if you use the share link (Options 2).

This is how you share a file or folder with The Hub Cloud. If you’re still having issues sharing files or folder, you can either open up a support ticket or chat with one of our support techs through our live chat.

Last Update: October 28, 2018  

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