Credit Key offers simple monthly terms in second, for your business purchases.

Simple, Affordable Monthly Terms:

First 30 days always interest-free. No early repayment fees.

Get a Decision in Seconds:

You’ll get a decision immediately. Checking your rate will not affect your credit.

Larger, Better Lines of Credit:

Lines of Business credit up to $50k* – You only pay for what you use.

Standard Benefits:

  • Up to $50,000 credit line
  • 0% for 30 days
  • Fees starting at 1% monthly, after 30 days
  • Up to 12 month terms
  • Decisions in 30 seconds
Up to


credit line



for 30 days

As low as


after 30 days

Decisions in



Fequently Asked Questions

How does the application process work?
Credit Key’s application process is simple and does not affect your personal credit. Applications are online through any of our partner merchants. You provide details about yourself and your business. Most customers are approved in seconds.
Are there any setup charges or ongoing fees?
No, Credit Key does not change any setup fees. If you choose to go beyond 30 days, you can be approved as low as 1% per month.
Will my application impact my FICO/credit score?
Applying for Credit Key is a “soft inquiry.” This does not impact your FICO®/credit score.
Am I eligible for Credit Key?
To be eligible for Credit Key credit, you will need to:

  • Be an individual applying under your own name
  • Owner/Signatory of business in application
  • Be a U.S. citizen or resident, of minimum signing age in your state of residence
  • Have a FICO®/credit score of 600 or above
  • Have a total annual business income of $40,000 or more
  • Provide your Social Security Number
  • Have a nominated bank account or debit card for repayments.

Credit Key is not available at this time for individuals who are not owners/signatories of a sole proprietorship, company, partnership, corporation, or institutions.

How do I apply and how long will the application process take?
Applications are made right on our Apply Now page, or through our partner merchant sites. The application typically only takes a few minutes. Most applicants are approved in seconds through our secure process.
What is my credit limit?
Credit Key offers limits up to $50,000. Once you’ve qualified, you can use Credit Key for all of your business purchases, up to your maximum. You only pay for the credit you use, and the first 30 days is always free.

Credit Key is a responsible credit provider so exactly how much you are able to borrow will depend on a number of factors that we assess including your gross annual revenue, credit history, and your ability to repay. The maximum outstanding balance you can have with Credit Key at any one time is $50,000. This may be spread across multiple purchases.

How many repayments will I need to make?
Payments can be approved to extend up to 6 months. Routine, monthly repayments will occur until the balance is paid off. Once you’ve qualified, you can use Credit Key for all of your business purchases, up to your maximum. You only pay for the credit you use, and only beyond 30 days.
How are repayments made?
Your repayments will be made through your bank account. You will be given instructions to setup your bank on your dashboard upon your application being approved. An automatic bill payment will be issued and scheduled to transfer the funds on a predetermined date to pay a recurring bill. Automatic bill payments are routine payments, until the balance is paid off.
Can I buy more than one item?
Yes, you can use Credit Key to buy multiple items at any time, as long as you are within your Credit Key trade credit limit.
How can I increase my credit limit?
At the moment, the only way to potentially increase your credit limit with Credit Key is by demonstrating a successful payment history with Credit Key loans, and/or achieving a higher personal FICO score with the credit bureaus.
Can I pay off my Credit Key loan early?
Absolutely. You are able to pay off your Credit Key loan at any time, with no fees or penalties for early repayment.