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Author : The Web Design Hub, LLC
Published on : November 17, 2022


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About The Client

Anna Bright is a model and aspiring pilot. She also holds a degree in Social Media with a focus on Media Psychology. With more than 7 years of modeling experience in photo and motion picture productions, she’s well versed in the modeling world.

What They Needed

Anna was looking for a website that could be used as her official portfolio, an online store to sell her prints and other merchandise, and a way for photographers and potential sponsors to contact her.

Project Conclusion

We were able to build out a website using the colors that she wanted to use. We were able to capture everything Anna was looking for, plus a few extras. Give the website a look and see for yourself.

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Working with The Web Design Hub was VERY easy! They answered every question I had. It didn’t matter the time of day, they were always there to help me with anything I needed. They made the process painless and extremely easyI plan on using them for every project I have in the future. – Anna Bright – Model