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Author : The Web Design Hub, LLC
Published on : August 26, 2022


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About The Client

Aqilla Apparel goal is to create a better future with lessons of my past to inspire women in the present. This is what Aqilla, my new apparel line, is all about. Born in Europe, I am a first-generation immigrant to the United States. Aqilla Swimwear’s mission is to inspire other women to love themselves, embrace their bodies and feel confident to fulfill their hopes and dreams.

What They Needed

Aqilla Apparel was looking for a facelift on their current website. They were wanting something that was clean and easy for their clients to navigate. Take a look at the website and judge for yourself.

Project Conclusion

Since the redesign of their website, they’ve gotten A TON of feedback about the ease of navigation and how clean; easy the website is find exactly what they’re looking for. We were also able to help them setup their backend of Shopify properly and integrated several plugins to help them manage and promote thier website.

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Working with The Web Design Hub was VERY easy! They answered every question I had. It didn’t matter the time of day, they were always there. I plan on using them for every project I have in the future. – Priscilla Aqilla – Founder Aqilla Wear