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About The Client

Hailey Alison is an aspiring model from Michigan. She’s also the former 2018-2019 WRIF Rock Girl. She’s also a 2019 graduate of CMU (Central Michigan University).

In between modeling and her career as a medical sales representative, she enjoys boating, traveling, the beach, and fitness. She also has a PASSION for Cinnaholic’s cinnamon rolls.

What They Needed

One thing a model needs is a website where they can showcase their pictures, but Hailey was looking for something that wasn’t just a cookie cutter model website. She also wanted it to feature her favorite color. I bet you can’t guess what color that is. She also wanted something that would be able to evolve with her as her modeling career grows.

The main purpose of the website, is that she wanted one place that her fans could stay up to date with everything she has going on, but she also wanted a place that photographers could find her, view her work and contact her for photoshoots, commercials and promotional gigs.

I loved working with the team at The Web Design Hub. They listened to everything that I wanted and even suggested things that would enhance what I was looking for. They made this process very easy and simple. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Hailey Alison

Project Conclusion

After our initial meetings, we concluded that a very simple, single page layout would be the best route for Hailey and then later, as her career evolves, we would be able to expand on that.

We also decided to break up Hailey’s portfolio. Hailey has different styles and looks, so having a single catchall portfolio would make it difficult for photographers to single out the style of photoshoot they wanted to use her for. Each style is named and then links to that gallery of photos. The home page of her website features a mixed gallery of photos from each gallery.

Everyone knows the need and power for social media, so we integrated her instagram feed, which updates live as she posts to instagram. By adding this, not only can her fans see what she’s up too, but it will keep the website updated with fresh content.

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