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Published on : August 17, 2022


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About The Client

Masta Ace is your favorite rappers, favorite rapper. He’s a member of the critically acclaimed group The Juicy Crew and he’s also a member of the hip hop group eMC with members Wordsworth and Stricklin’. When Masta Ace came to us, he was looking for a website that he could showcase his music discography, post tour dates, showcase his videos, and most importantly, sell his merchandise while he was on tour. He had a previously built website when he came to use, but he wanted something that was more up to date, modern and mobile friendly, very important in today’s world. He was also looking for a company that would be able to keep his website up to date, both plugins and merchandise. He wouldn’t have time to keep that up-to-date with him traveling all over the world on tour.

What They Needed

During our initial meeting, we learned that Masta Ace’s previous website was built on WordPress and that he was very comfortable making minor updates and posts to the website, but again, didn’t have the time. Our solution to the problem, was to build the website in WordPress, so when he was on the road and had a few minutes, he could quickly login and write a blog, post news, etc. We also automated the way his tour schedule updated to his website. He, like many other artists, use an app called Bands In Town and he updates his tour schedule straight from his phone. We were able to integrate this into his website, so as he updated his tour schedule, it would automatically update to the website. This elevated the need for him to log into the website and update it manually. The biggest solution, was his online store. Masta Ace has a pretty large body of music and he needed a place for his fans from all of the world to buy his music and other merchandise when he wasn’t on tour. We were able to build out a store that was very easy to use, gave him the ability to setup pre-orders, coupon codes, and special discounts for returning customer. We also setup the store to notify him when products hit a certain number, it notifies him, so he can place a refill order. Once that order comes in, he contacts us, and we update his inventory.

Project Conclusion

The best part about this project, is that we worked in conjunction with Masta Ace’s wife Leschea. This was a surprise that we worked up together. When we showed him the website, he said “Wow! This is for me!”. We were happy that he was happy with the website. He gave us more content to add to the website. The website contained all of the features that he was looking for, plus a few extra that he didn’t have on his previous website. Since the launch, we’ve worked closely with him on website management and content management.

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It was a please working with the team at The Web Design Hub. They worked closely with me and helped me get the website my fans expect me to have. Their continued support make’s my job easy and I can focus on my music and know that my website is in good hands. Masta Ace / eMC / M3