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About The Client

The Web Design Hub is more than your average development firm. We have a diverse staff that bring ideas and creativity to the table. That creativity give us the edge when it comes to creating unique digital experiences that leave our clients saying WOW!

We don’t stick to a certain “niche”, we work with our clients, regardless of the industry, and build a strategy to ensure that the project achieves and exceeds the goal we have set.

What They Needed

We build quite a few WordPress website for our clients and one thing we noticed, was that out clients were wanting to add a notice to their website for different reasons. Some wanted it to let their customers know about specials, some wanted it as a cookie warning, and others wanted it as a way to notify their customers about maintenance going on, on the website.

There were several free WordPress plugins that were available for use, but we quickly found that several of them were either lacking the features they needed or they weren’t supported anymore, so we decided to just build one ourselves that we could use on our clients website. Our clients loved it so much that we decided to make it available for everyone.

We started using this plugin for our WordPress website and it was SO EASY to install and setup. We were setup and ready to use this plugin in about 5 minutes. We use it to notify our customers about our specials and other promotions we have going on.

Connor Heering / Owner / Camel Milk Coop

Project Conclusion

What started out as just a basic notification bar, quickly grew to adding a few other features:

  • Extremely light weight code, so it won’t slow down your website.
  • Choose color of font. (Includes transparency). Hex color codes accepted.
  • Choose color of background for the bar. (Includes transparency). Hex color codes accepted.
  • Add your own text to the message bar.
  • Users are able to close the bar by clicking on the ‘X’.
  • When a user closes the bar, automatically hide this notification bar for 24 hours. After 24 hours, it will pop back up they visit your website.
  • Show/hide notice bar with a checkbox.
  • HTML code supported.
  • Ability to hide your message on all mobile devices.
  • Ability to hide your message for users that are currently logged into your website.
  • Ability to show the notification bar either on top or on the bottom of your website.
  • Button Wiggle Animation (this can be turned off or on).

This custom plugin will be available to download for FREE in July 2020, so check back with us later and download your copy!

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