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About The Client

Thriv5 is a company that offers an SOD based supplement to protect our immune system and our cells, and every day our body also kills it off, allowing free radicals and oxidative stress to attack your cells allowing your body to malfunction in different ways such as physical, mental, aging, memory and much more. Just one or two packs of M3 Gel every day and you can feel the difference. THRIV5 puts the SOD back into your body where it belongs. M3 Gel is the worlds most powerful antioxidant by itself and when you combine that with 9 other super antioxidants in our M3 Gel your body is getting one of the best sources of protection and repair you could ask for.

What They Needed

Thriv5 was looking for a simple, but clean website for their new online store. After our first discussion, they decided to go with Shopify for their online store, but they didn’t want a typical template, they wanted something that was tailored around their brand. While building their website, we discovered that they were looking to expand their team to include a sales team, a social media department and customer service. We decided to set them up with HubSpot.

HubSpot gave them the tools needed to manage their customers, manage their vendor accounts, manage their social media presence and even take care of their email marketing all under one roof. We were even able to integrate their Shopify orders into HubSpot and sync them together, so both sides will be 100% accurate at all times.

The team at The Web Design Hub LLC gave us EXACTLY what we were looking for and even more. They went above and beyond our expectations with every request we had. They took, what we thought, was a very difficult job and made it look easy. Each member of their team took our requests and also offered their opinions and suggestions, which was great, becuase they brought up things that we hadn’t thought of. We left with a brand new website, a CRM and everything was completely integrated. If your looking for a company that will go above and beyond for you, then the team at The Web Design Hub LLC is the company for you.

Michael Ferraro / Owner / Thriv5

Project Conclusion

In the end, we were able to build out their website using Shopify, help them configure all the essential settings, we even setup their ambassador program. We also setup their HubSpot account and integrated it with their Shopify store. By doing this, all of their customers orders, website interactions, emails are stored in one place. This is ideal for them as they have a sales team, customer service team and social media department. With everything being synced together everyone in the company can stay up to date with all of their customers and vendors.

Be sure to check out their website and let us know what you think.

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