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About The Client

Yarisha is a young 28 year old Puerto Rican woman. She is a strong and positive human being that works hard each day to fulfill her dream. She started in the fitness when her twin sister became pregnant. Before that, both of them were professional “Salsa Dancers” known as “The Mulatas del Sabor”. They participated in the reality show of Marc Antony and Jennifer López called “Q viva the Cosen”.

In Puerto Rico, Yarisha started to compete in the bikini category, winning all her competition in Puerto Rico. From there, she went to the United State to compete and find new opportunities in the world of fitness.

What They Needed

Yarishna came to us looking for a website that she could use to promote her shows, pictures, and an event calendar for all of her travels and events. After our first meeting, that list quickly expanded. Yarishna was also working on her own fitness plans, waister trainers, fitness camps and boot camps.

She also wanted a place where she could send her potential sponsors to, so they could get a complete idea of who she was, what’s she’s done and how she could help improve their brand or company.

Prior to her website, she only used social media, facebook and instagram, as her main place for promotions, sales and event promotion.

My experience with The Web Design Hub was nothing less than amazing! He took my basic idea and helped me expand it in ways that I didn’t think would be possible. I now use my website to sell all of my merch, promote all of my bootcamps, sell tickets to my bootcamps, and to promote any of the events i’ll be attending. The team at The Hub was extremely professional and worked hard to bring my vision to life. Thank you for all of the hard work and I look forward to working with your team on my future projects.

Yarishna Ayala / IFBB & WFBB Pro /

Project Conclusion

Yarishna’s website was a great experience and working with her and her husband was amazing! We were able deliver all of the things she had on her must have list, PLUS we were able to add a few items that were on her phase 2 list.

We included an online store for her to sell her waister trainers, one-time fitness programs, autographed pictures, and even a place for her to sell tickets to her bootcamps and group trainings. We also integrated her instagram account, which was something that was crucial, as she has over 2 million followers.

Prior to the build, she launched her mobile fitness app and we were able to include several links and call to action spot on the website, on notification emails, and receipts from her sales for people to go and download the app.

Currently, we’re working on a few new features that will further expand her website and allow her to interact with her fans and customer more.

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