Redesign For Living Legacy Tattoos In The Works

Living Legacy Tattoos was established in the fall of 2015 by Michael Sarmiento. He strategically assembled a team of well-known, talented, local artists who had previously worked at some of Palm Beach county’s oldest and most reputable tattoo shops. With artists specializing in a variety of tattoo styles and various artistic backgrounds; ranging from self-taught to traditionally trained by some of American tattooing’s greatest pioneers, and new school graffiti to classic arts education in drawing and painting, we are well equipped to create all kinds of art work. Every member of the Living Legacy team is licensed by Palm Beach county and fully versed in sterile, aseptic technique to ensure your tattoo experience is a safe one.

They came to The Hub for a website redesign. They were looking for something modern and clean. They also wanted to be able to give their clients a better online booking experience and be able to sell merch on the website. Be sure to check back with us for the launch of this project.

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