Think TWICE before deleting codes in Magento

So, what’s the best thing about Magento? Over time, you start realizing the mistakes you commit and also realize how hard you make things on yourself! It is more like learning how to ride your bike. Unless you hit the tree a few times you won’t realize the significance of hitting the brakes when riding your bike!

The point is however simple , it is always better to hold the hands of the expert. Imagine a situation – you are not happy with certain parts of your Magento site and you want your service provider to delete that particular portion of your code. However, the company you are working with is not willing to delete code. Wait, you need to understand why deleting code in Magento is bad prior you over react to their hesitation.

Yes, the question hangs – why would your Magento management company hesitate to delete certain portion of your website? Well, they work for you, after all so what’s stopping them from deleting portion of the codes in Magento!

Let’s view things from their perspective – basically the web design and development clients often change their mind to match with their business mood. However the web development and management company knows what it costs ultimately for taking such a hasty decision. That’s right; they know, your hurried design decisions at the day’s end would be costing yourself unnecessary expenses with elaborate tasks such as deleting and rewriting code.

Magento offers alternatives to web designers and developers instead of deleting codes! In a nutshell, DON’T DELETE CODES . you might simply change it to befit your customers requirements.

So what are the alternatives available?

Let’s talk it step wise. If you do not like your certain product tags or you do not want your wish list to be there then you no more have to delete the codes. In Magento platform there are ways to disable these. Disabling these from the admin page will take just a few seconds to complete. Also you would be able to recover these whenever you wish to.

To disable your wish list simply go to System > Configuration > Advanced > Advanced and locate the correct drop down. Change it to ‘disabled’ and now hit save. Yes you are done!

Another striking option instead of deleting the code is to “comment’ it those particular section of your Magento website. All you need to do us to add a code into the site’s HTML. This specifically tells the site whatever you wish to left out of your page and what you want there on the page. Simple isn’t it?

Well, let’s get back to the subject at hand. To comment it you can use any one of the following 2 methods.

And at the sections where you have got longer section of code you can use the following method

Yes, you have got that right; deleting code is not always necessary in Magento, there are cutting edge alternatives available.

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