Michelle Schlorb

October 29, 2020

Top Four Social Media Trends in 2020

Lately social media has gotten an even bigger boost with everyone being home. So why not use that to your advantage when promoting your business?


Live videos
Currently live videos are the most popular type surpassing the demand for recorded video content. Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter are where almost 82% of viewers prefer live videos online.

Direct and dynamic social ads
Because more consumers are shopping from home, brands are investing more into social ads.
Facebook recently rolled out the personalized ad experience. Instagram is following behind with more and more ads.

You know you’ve seen them. On the top of Facebook, on Instagram. They have dominated the social scene on both platforms and don’t look like they will be slowing down anytime soon. It’s a great way to interact with your audience and make your content feel more like a “must see.”

The social platform that was literally saved at the last minute. Will well over 1.5 billion users it’s definitely the platform to consider. As we said before, live videos are there, TikTok capitalizes on this.

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