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Published On: January 11, 2024

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Dr. Handel, located in Beverly Hills, has been practicing plastic surgery for over 40 years. He recently was honored to became a Clinical Professor, Division of Plastic Surgery, UCLA School of Medicine. During his long, distinguished career Dr. Handel has received numerous academic accolades, carried out significant research in plastic surgery, authored over 60 articles for scholarly journals and written a dozen textbook chapters.

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Dr. Handel was referred to The Hub from a good friend of our owner. Dr. Handel was looking to improve his current website and was in need of help marketing himself on Instagram, Google, and Facebook. He was also looking for a website that was mobile friendly, as his current website was a little tough to browse on mobile devices and in today’s world, that’s extremely crucial. Dr. Handel was in need of marketing for his practice. His practice is in the heart of Beverly Hills and in the most desirable area, 90210 and the competition is FIERCE. Dr. Handel is ranked among the top plastic surgeons in California and he wanted his search engine ranking to reflect that. Dr. Handel also was looking for help to manage his social media accounts and help to increase his engagement with his followers, and help increase his following.

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Dr. Handel’s project was a fairly large undertaking. We had to sift through nearly 100 pages and really narrow down the content that he wanted to have on his new website. We also changed the brand colors that he was using to a more neutral color palette. We also help Dr. Handel narrow down the number of pages, as his previous website had a lot of unneeded pages. One of the biggest improvements was the new mobile (responsive) layout. Before we started his website, we saw that only 12% of his users were finding him via a mobile device and his bounce rate was 3 times higher from users that did find him on their mobile device. With his new layout, his mobile viewers are now over 90% and his bounce rate has dropped to under 8%. This has lead a drastic increase of consultations being schedule via the mobile consultation forms. Lastly, we’ve been working with Dr. Handel and his staff to create content for his social media platforms, such as, videos, Before & After images, and content that can be used to engage with user and fans that are looking for his services or have questions about plastic surgery.

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Our experience with the team at The Web Design Hub was amazing. They were able to work with my hectic schedule and provide me with a new website that my clients love! We’ve seen an increase in leads from our website and more calls to the office from people that have found us online. We can’t begin to thank James and his team for all the hard work. We’re looking forward to working with the team at The Web Design Hub for many years to come.

Dr. Neal Handel