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PPC ManagementThe fact has been tested, proven and somewhat written in letter RED that online business needs traffic generation for increasing the Return of investment (ROI). And in this icon conscious online world where your position over the internet matter the most, it’s time to seriously think about the incredible benefit of advertising business online. Indeed there are many ways however success lies in identifying the most effective way to promote your business online. Pay Per Click campaign stands as one of the most significant ways to start marketing your business online. The Web Design Hub specializes in PPC Management.

PPC: What’s that anyway?

(PPC) or pay per click has become the buzzword of the era. For the uninitiated, PPC Management is basically a web based web marketing technique which steers the vehicle elevated traffic specific within the website while informing relevant clients through advertisements.
Let’s delve further and understand the basics of Google Adwords

As a search engine, Google is responsible in gathering and organizing a whole multitude of information from the Internet. It makes this information available to the browser whoever is searching online with relevant keywords. We all know this search result appears on the left side of the SERP. As a matter of fact, typically as the Google law, the search engine doesn’t accept payment for placing documents or websites in search results and this is where the Google Adwords play its part. The advertisers are however free to purchase Google Adwords ads, which are featured either on the right side of the page, and often above the search results. That’s PPC management in short.

PPC campaign or Google AdWords is Google’s advertising program. It lets you create effective, simple ads and makes these open to the browser who are actually searching online for information related to your business.

Focus at the image – PPC usually appear in a colored box on search results pages and are separated from the regular search results on most major search engines and portals.

Why do you need PPC Management?

What are the advantages? Why do you at all need PPC? Or is there any assurance in PPC advertising? Wait, these are just few of the many questions, which arise. Well, it is not possible to answer all these and much more in just one simple line. PPC management is a proven, flexible type of marketing scheme, which almost any online marketer can afford because it is immensely controllable.

Superior relevancy:

Believe it or not, PPC features the ultimate ability to target ads based on user interest, as well as on other contributing factors such as – language, location and demographic. Result is awesome – user sees highly relevant ads, which are inviting enough to be clicked on and to be converted.

Greater ROI:

As alluded earlier, online advertising is thoroughly measurable. This helps you in gauging whether or not your Ad Word Campaign is meeting your advertising goals. Let’s face the fact – in the PPC campaign each and every user’s click is tied to one particular ad, it has relevance to those relevant keywords, search query. And this helps you to track and decide to improve/ add / delete whenever you like. It’s easy, fun and there you go it’s creative and of you spot a trend, you would be able to create, modify, or delete keywords, ads, and campaign targeting selections within seconds. Be frank – can you truly ask for anything more responsive and more in control when it finally boils down to the point of improving your ROI.

Reach more reach better:

Concentrate on figures here – almost every day, Internet users conduct millions of searches on Google. And when you use Google Ad Word you get the ultimate opportunity to capture almost any segment of that the incredible spectrum of audience that’s looking for information, products, services and websites. It is all about giving your products or services that ultimate presence during relevant user searches. PPC campaign thus ensures that you are visible in that particular and crucial moment during the customer’s buying cycle, when the browser is searching for something, which you are offering.

Driving Elevated Traffic Fast:

This is considered as one of the most broadly known techniques guaranteed in managing and improving your site’s traffic. Remember the rule of the thumb – higher ads are clicked on, the higher traffic your site receives.

Controlling cost:

Incredible factor indeed! Yes, it lets you to handle your finances based on each particular campaign. With PPC campaign it is rather easy to produce your own marketing plans with your own intended budget.

Rank matters: PPC ranking unveiled

There is no doubt that PPC Management helps in generating leads. Still the question hangs – why businesses are still failing even after utilizing the paid search option? Answer is written on the wall – BUSINESS FAIL because they hardly understand the sheer complexity of the PPC Ranking and how this ranking is achieved.

It is a common misconception that Pay per Click Ranking positions are gained because of the amount of money, which businesses are willing to spend on a particular campaign. Well, although it’s true in a number of cases that increases in keyword bid also results in better PPC Rank, however that’s not just one factor as there are arrays of other contributing aspects.


So, what’s behind this PPC ranking? Google has a tested, proven and a sophisticated algorithm, which dictates the final Pay Per Click Ranking position of each ad and each subscriber. This ranking algo is however made up of a combination of the CPC (cost per click) and the advertisers Quality Score.


PPC Rank/AD Position = Quality Score X CTR%

What’s Cost per Click anyway? In lay language CPC stands as the total amount, which the advertiser needs to pay whenever a searcher clicks on the ad featured on the search engine.

Quality score on the other hand is however based on Google’s interpretation of certain significant factors such as:

(CTR) or Click Through Rate: This is typically calculated by the number of clicks on the ad and the number of visits to your site divided by the impression (times your ad is displayed), which your ad has received.

Ad Copy Relevancy: This is based on the relevancy of the keywords used and how well the PPC campaign matches with the keywords, which are being bid on.

Searcher History and Trend Data: Pretty much self explanatory, this is typically based on how specific and targeted terms have been performed in the past.

Quality Of The Landing Page: Yes, it’s important to have a relevant landing page that your adverts direct through to. Let’s say your ad promotes jewelry and the ad directs to a landing page with shoes would be a staggering example of poor landing page.

Is there any scope to improve your PPC Rank? The answer is a resounding YES and for this all you need to do us to:

  • Create campaigns with relevant keywords
  • Strong Click Through Rate on Google
  • High Cost Per Click

Yes, these will result into a much-improved position for your PPC campaign.

PPC & SEO now going hand in hand

If you want to achieve the maximum benefit, PPC management needs to be fortified with SEO technique. You need to make sure that your SEO and PPC campaigns are actually working together. KEYWORD RESEARCH is the one key common factor between the two.

While typically the SEO keyphrase research includes on an average 200 key phrases, PPC keyphrase research can actually include more than 1000 key phrases. However there’s a fine line of difference and in this respect of keyword research, PPC research digs further deep. And one particular area in which PPC has almost overshadowed SEO is testing.

Running a PPC ad alongside the SEO organic listing can be incredibly beneficial.

To sum up, a proper PPC management campaign program is the need of the hour and the good news is getting this service is no more difficult. Search online for a company with good track record to run a successful PPC campaign.

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