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Author: The Web Design Hub

Published On: January 11, 2024

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Energy Focus is an industry-leading innovator of sustainable LED lighting technologies and solutions based in Solon, Ohio. As the creator of the first UL-certified “low-flicker” LED products on the U.S. market, Energy Focus products provide extensive energy and maintenance savings, and aesthetics, safety, health and sustainability benefits over conventional lighting.

Previously recognized as Fiberstars Inc., fiber-optic lighting technology, we changed our name to Energy Focus, Inc. in 2007 and began trading on NASDAQ as EFOI. At the time, Energy Focus’ EFO fiber-optic lighting systems were used in retail stores, commercial buildings, and pools and spas and used up to 80 percent less energy than conventional lights, however, the future of energy-efficient lighting was in LEDs.

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Energy Focus was looking for a completely new layout of their existing website. They also wanted to add in new B2B and B2C features, and have merge all of their platforms into one place. They were look to consolidate their Shopify website, investors portal and company website all into one place, so it would be easier to manage and easier for their customers to find everything they need.

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We were able to conclude phase 1 of this project, by completely giving a facelift to their current website. We were also able to consolidate their other 3 web platforms into one place, which has made it easier for their internal team to manage all of their content. It’s also made it easy for their clients/customers be able to find eveyyrthing they need about Energy focus.

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I recently had the pleasure of working with James Seals from the Web Design Hub, and I must say that his work on reskinning the Energy Focus website exceeded all expectations. His attention to detail, expertise, and professional business manner truly set him apart from other web designers I’ve worked with in the past.

First and foremost, the reskinning of the Energy Focus website was executed flawlessly. James took the time to understand our brand and vision, resulting in a fresh and visually appealing website design that perfectly aligned with our company’s image. The new design not only enhanced the overall user experience but also improved the website’s functionality.

One of the key highlights of James’ work was the addition of an investor page. He seamlessly integrated this crucial component into the website, making it easy for potential investors to find the information they need. James understood the importance of providing a dedicated space for investors and ensured that the page was well-structured, user-friendly, and visually engaging.

Furthermore, James implemented a WooCommerce plugin on our website, which greatly improved our e-commerce capabilities. With this addition, our customers can now make purchases directly through the website, resulting in increased sales and a more streamlined shopping experience. James’s expertise in e-commerce solutions was evident throughout the process, and his recommendations were invaluable in maximizing our online sales potential.

Not only did James deliver outstanding results, but his timing was impeccable. He met all deadlines promptly, ensuring that our project progressed smoothly and efficiently. His excellent communication skills and ability to understand our requirements played a significant role in the timely completion of the project.

Moreover, James’ professional business manner was exemplary. He was always responsive to our queries, provided regular progress updates, and demonstrated a genuine commitment to delivering exceptional results. His dedication to customer satisfaction was evident throughout the entire project, making the collaboration a truly enjoyable and stress-free experience.

In conclusion, I highly recommend James Seals from the Web Design Hub for anyone seeking top-notch web design services. His ability to reskin the Energy Focus website, add the investor page, and integrate the WooCommerce plugin exceeded our expectations. His exceptional timing and professional business manner were instrumental in creating a seamless and successful project. Working with James was an absolute pleasure, and we look forward to collaborating with him again in the future. Thank you, James, for your remarkable work and for going above and beyond to ensure our complete satisfaction.

John McCollister

Director of IT